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Sophisticated Guidance for Tax Strategies and Tax Planning in Chesterton

Minimizing tax burdens on individuals and businesses

At the Law Offices Of Michael T. Sawyier, we know that tax law is at the heart of business law and is critical to many aspects of estate and business planning. We consider the tax implications in every plan we develop for our clients. With more than 40 years of experience in delivering a Total Commitment To Client Service, Mr. Sawyier offers the benefit of years of experience and the recognized knowledge of a Master’s Degree in Tax Law to benefit each and every client.

Be aware of tax consequences in estate planning

Failing to understand the tax ramifications of a particular transaction or plan usually has adverse consequences. For example, consider a gift of highly appreciated property to a child. This removes the property and its income tax liability upon its sale from the donor’s estate. However, if that gift is instead deferred until the donor’s death, all the prior appreciation escapes income taxation because of the “step-up” in the tax basis of most assets that occurs upon the owner’s death. Therefore, last-minute gifts to individuals should be avoided.

On the other hand, for well-to-do clients concerned about minimizing transfer taxes, lifetime gifts in trust, such as grantor-retained annuity trusts or sales to “intentionally defective” grantor trusts, can save enormous amounts of gift and estate taxes. These are merely two of innumerable examples.

Our many years of professional experience in tax planning, combined with our founder’s advanced degree in Tax Law and ongoing studies in taxation and estate planning, enable us to help our clients minimize their income, employment, and transfer taxes consistent with their other planning objectives.

Businesses must pay attention to tax ramifications as well

Our tax law practice also assists businesses throughout the region in planning and structuring corporate mergers, acquisitions, and dispositions, as well as tax-free reorganizations.

Bringing a total commitment to client service in everything we do

At the Law Offices Of Michael T. Sawyier, we understand that our clients — whether individuals or companies — want to ensure that the taxes they pay are fair but reasonable. For more than 40 years, we’ve helped businesses and individuals throughout the region plan efficient tax strategies. Mr. Sawyier’s goal is to provide his experienced assistance to clients at a reasonable cost. Contact us today online to learn more about our taxation practice or call us at 855-402-5961. We serve clients throughout Indiana, Illinois, and Michigan.